Feniex Pegasus Interior LED Lightbar

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Feniex Industries
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Product Features:

  • Lightweight, powder-coat finish frame
  • Built in, waterproof, encapsulated LED driver
  • Features more than 19 warning patterns
  • Universal full and split models available
  • Custom built brackets available for specific vehicles
  • Includes dimming capabilities for nighttime use
  • Water sealed and weather damage resistant unit
  • Advanced MicroChip processor controls light functionality
  • Functions include directional, steady burn, takedown, and dimming
  • Black gasket prevents vibration and guarantees windshield protection
  • 10 feet of RFi foil shielded cable provided for reliable and sturdy installation
  • Powered by 12 V with programmable takedowns, work lights and stop turn lights
  • Option of 35 degree optics for maximum light spread or for 20 degree takedowns
  • Voltage: 9-13 VDC
  • SAE J595, CE certified
  • Phillips engineered, 4-watt LEDs
  • RoHs and REACH compliant leds
  • Meets CCR, Title 13 requirements
  • 4, 4-watt LEDs in each module head
  • Dimensions: 0.95" H x 37" L x 5.5" W

Color Options:

When purchasing the Feniex Pegasus, the colors of the lightbar are completely customizable. Using the diagram below, specify the color of the LED lightheads in your lightbar before purchasing:


Feniex Pegasus Layout

Product Video:

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